Healing Energy Saved My Father

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is a system of high, vibrational, energy medicine that heals the body/mind and soul. It is similar to the Usui Reiki system, though not as well known.  My belief is that anyone can access and receive this healing energy provided they set the right intention. As a Holistic Practitioner, it is an integral part of my work.

My first experience with Shamballa happened in 2000 during the time my father had serious medical complications and became infected with MRSA.  We received a message from the doctor that there was no further medicine nor procedure that would help my father get well, and all that was left to do was pray. I never felt more helpless, so I prayed. While praying, I thought about the healing art called Reiki, and if prayer was all we had, then this Reiki healing would help.

The Reiki Master came to the hospital shortly after I reached out to her.  My Father needed to consent to the treatment, and in his confused state, he did. Any other time, he would have called it rubbish.

I was alone in the room with him, all other families members had left for the day.  The Reiki Master proceeded to lay her hands on his heart and his belly, called in her spirit guides, and stood there for a long hour. Just before the treatment was over, the Reiki Master asked me if I wanted to place my hands between her hands and my father’s body.

And – so I did.

layng of hands

There are no words to describe what went through me – bliss, Love, electricity, ecstasy, heaven, who knows, but a gateway opened, and I was pulled through.  The sensations coursing through my body caused me to weep.   My father was uncomfortable that I was crying; I reassured him that this energy would heal him. And it did.  After several more treatments, my father was out of the woods and back on the mend.  The MRSA could not overcome that energy, and I knew it based on what I had felt.

Shortly thereafter, I went to this same Reiki Master, Barbara Ruth, and she attuned me to the Shamballa Multidimensional Healing system.  This gave me the reigns to work with my father through his recovery process.

My inner-seeing opened about 3 years before I was attuned to Shamballa, but when I look back to this devastating time period in my life, it was truly the moment I stepped onto my path as a healer. I was aware of my gifts as an intuitive, but I had no idea how Shamballa was going to alter the trajectory of my life.

My father went on to live another 13 years and even though the disease had ripped through his nervous system paralyzing him from the waist down, he was able to walk and drive again. Once my father was well, he never again asked for Reiki.  I’m not even sure he was ever convinced that is what saved him.  I AM!

I am offering a special in March to high light the energy work that I do, along with a Tarot Reading.