Spiritual Approach

The Psychological/Spiritual Approach, commonly called psychospiritual, utilizes traditional psychological theory of mental health application and spiritual practices to support clients on their journey.  The therapist tunes in with both their inner knowing and acquired knowledge from the client.  As the client, you are guided by me as we follow established methodologies of psychotherapy and various spiritual perspectives to understand the self. Using this approach to healing, we take into account the 4 levels of the human experience – body, mind, emotion and spirit. The premise of the theory is that within each person lies the potential for healing.

The belief is that the spiritual perspective informs the psyche in a deepening way. This approach requires acceptance of the idea of paradoxes and mystery, which allows us to see that our lives can be ambiguous, complex, even contradictory.  This in turn relieves us from the need to always classify something as right or wrong, good or bad.  It allows for a forgiving attitude as well as an acceptance that the truth can be one way this day and another way the next day – depending on your perspective at any given time.

The psychospiritual approach creates a dynamic between the client and the therapist – calling on both to be mindful and aware of what is present in the moment.  This more holistic form of therapy delves deeply into the unconscious level of understanding, permitting something beyond the individual interpretation of the mind to come forth, thus allowing the spiritual voice to be heard. As the therapist, I hold the outcome of what you want and follow you as you reveal defeating belief systems and emotional blocks that hinder you from manifesting your potential.

We all have intuition or “gut responses” to certain events or people in our lives. After we feel this response, the rational mind enters in and an interpretation is made. This interpretation is congruent with what you want to believe. The way in which you think about something is how it plays out in your life. Once you move out of self-limiting thought patterns there is “an Aha” moment. This moment opens doorways that have been locked down and prohibiting you from the change you are trying to make in your life. At each crossroad, I will assist you with the complexities of the mind, belief systems, somatic events and spiritual messages which are all part of the healing process.

At the core of the psycho-spiritual process is the creative imagination at play as your life story unfolds. When you decide what you want, how you want to feel, who you’d like to be and you have the courage to discover how to get it, you will be awed and inspired as the process unfolds perfectly in front of you.

The ultimate goal is for you to fully manifest yourself in the world, fulfilling your potential and destiny.


Transformational Expert and Therapist