“I worked on a regular basis with Lee Anne for over a year.  I had gone to talk therapy for a year earlier but wanted something more.  I wanted to change my life, not simply get by with it.  Working with Lee Anne was a truly profound and transformative healing experience.  I discovered parts of myself that I’d hidden away for years.  Lee Anne is an amazingly gifted healer.  Because she has so many skills, she was able to help me access all different parts of myself.  We did movement therapy, energy healing, chakra exploration, tarot readings, past life journeys and role plays.  Lee Anne knew exactly which technique would work for whatever issue I was working on.  Her presence, focus and gentleness created a space for me to be able to open fully and be present in my own healing.  I’ve moved on to exploring my life in many other ways but the work I did with Lee Anne is a cornerstone in my life, the beginning of an amazing journey that I know will never end!”

 April Weston

“There is no one word to sum up an experience with Lee Anne Englert, phenomenal is not positive enough. Her guidance has helped me tremendously in all areas of my life including parenting, personal and professional. Lee Anne is able to take each part of your life and based on her intuition and professional training lights a path that you may have been unwilling or unable to see. She encourages you to be the best and most authentic version of yourself and then supports you during great transformation. Make an appointment today – your fabulous self and future are both waiting for you. “

                                                Jennifer Gardella

“Lee Anne knows exactly how to connect what you need to hear with what you can do to move into a more comfortable space within yourself. Her methods have stood the test of time and have helped countless people become more true to themselves. I am always grateful for her kind wisdom and insight.”

Elizabeth Barren

”For over 10 years, Lee Anne’s guidance has helped me personally & professionally. She is a must-have in your list of contacts!”

                                                       Felicia Dargin

“Lee Anne’s readings are amazing; she has such a soothing voice. Lee Anne is actually one of the few people in this world that really listens to what you have to say and has the intuition to guide you to the right path.”

                                                   Colleen Lavorato

“I went to see Lee Anne when I was questioning what my next move should be. I had been struggling with my career choice as it was not going the way I had planned. Someone I respect recommended Lee Anne so I decided to give her services a try. My visit to her was life changing. She read my cards and gave me just the advice I needed to figure out my next step. I have taken an entirely new and wonderful career path as a result of her reading. In addition, she did energy work after the reading that helped me conquer an affliction I had been struggling with for many years. I am immensely grateful for her help and highly recommend her for both her card reading and her energy skills.”

                                                                                                                                                           Claire Brown Kohler

Transformational Expert and Therapist