Couples Counseling

Relationship problems arise for a variety of reasons. When you know you are drifting apart, or unable to connect in the ways you had in your earlier years, it’s time to invest in your partnership in order to deepen your relationship.

Before your relationship deteriorates into a state in which recovery seems impossible, give it the time and care it needs and you will be rewarded with a more fulfilling life. Being able to communicate with your partner openly and honestly is integral to the health of your relationship.

Because no two people are alike the language developed over the years becomes compromised and no longer serves either person in the relationship. This is because resentments, judgments, stonewalling and feelings of disrespect become infused in your interactions with your partner. What has been miscommunicated, or not spoken hides behind walls of protection where intimacy can no longer enter. Understanding your partner is central to a successful relationship, but many times we don’t know how to connect with our partners because our ability to be vulnerable has been diminished.

The Approach

I maintain a Holistic approach when working with individuals and couples, believing that it’s key to keep in mind the whole person/persons.

First, mapping your story of relationships past and present is a powerful part of the process: how you got here, key experiences, what beliefs you have brought into the relationship etc. It’s beneficial when you acknowledge the negative aspects and bring your deeply held beliefs about relationships into awareness. This allows each of you to see the other and learn about your partner’s psychological world. Having empathy for your partner creates a fondness and respect that encourages the expansion and reorganization of key emotional responses thereby creating a secure bond between you and your partner.

In addition, I use spiritual and therapeutic techniques to expose unconscious components in your partnership. Once the unconscious aspects are seen and understood you and your partner or more equipped to relate to each other in a more positive and caring way. Examining the conflict is central to find the solution to the disharmony.

Emotional discord in a relationship is often expressed as dissatisfaction, criticism, or anger. We’ll discover the root to the negative emotion that caused the severed communication between you and your partner.

The inability to communicate in healthy ways is the basis for the majority of problems in a relationship. Communication is a skill that requires conscious effort. What may seem clear to you may not always be fully understood by your partner. It’s important for you to speak your mind rather than to expect one another to read moods and body language, which is the fodder for misinterpretation.

Finally, we will explore your relationship through using a psychodynamic approach. This approach facilitates a pathway to bring the unconscious origins of a problem to the surface. When irrational patterns of reacting exist, it usually means that significant life events have shaped the person’s reaction. Such experiences may create an unfulfilled need or a distorted view of reality that leads to dysfunctional behavior. Insight into these events serves to change perceptions, and healthy patterns of behavior are incorporated.

Couples therapy isn’t just limited to solving problems; it also promotes closeness and intimacy in a partnership. You will learn how to overcome existing issues and how to feel a sense of resiliency in the relationship. Once you are in a better place, you and your partner will be able to “capture the moment”, by having a relationship that is able to communicate clearly what is happening, instead of projecting fear and shame onto the situation. Allowing vulnerability with each other will bring closeness and you will be able to share a life that is filled with joy and love.

Session fee: $130.00

Transformational Expert and Therapist