My Journey


When seeking the light, we must face the darkened shadows within to clearly find our path. Once we embark upon this path, our magic is discovered – a power that always belonged to us. My soul’s journey began in 1996, at age 30 – when my intuitive-seeing opened and a new world emerged.

I was in traditional therapy, working through feelings of grief and anger surrounding my adoption.  After several months, my therapist decided to work with imagery as a way to connect me with the innocence of my inner child.  As she talked, I felt this sensation, as though I was falling into her, with that she began to emanate a pinkish color.  At first, I thought it was the lighting in the room, but looking around I saw nothing out of the ordinary. When I looked back, the pink color was still around her.  When she finished, she asked me what was happening and I hesitantly said, “You are pink.”  I was terrified to say this, thinking she might call the hospital and have me committed.  But instead she said, “Oh my dear! You are seeing my Aura.”

From there, she sent me to an energy healer who taught me how to understand what I was seeing and sensing.  With this new found part of myself, my journey seemed to expand daily.  I learned how to read the energy I was seeing, worked with tarot cards, studied the energies of rocks and crystals, and went to Native American ceremonies learning the ways of the ancients.  Along with the positive energy that was generated around these teachings and my experiences, also came came a difficult discovery —The more I learned and the deeper I went, the more I entered what I call “the dark night of the soul”. I started to grasped one of life’s truths: The more you heal troubles, adversity, dis-ease in your life, the more the positive experiences will manifest. However, no one can get there without revisiting and releasing all the pain. In order to have the life that always belonged to us it is necessary to face and clear the darkened places in our lives. And it’s no small task, it’s on some level – a lifetime commitment.

During the time my inner vision was opening, I was a 6th grade teacher. I was told by a school counselor that I should become a counselor because I was more attuned with my students’ emotional well-being than their academics. Knowing this to be true, I started working on my masters in psychology.  Interestingly, the perceptions I held regarding spirituality gave me a unique perspective on mental health.   While not every professor was accepting of my viewpoint, there was one professor who saw who I was and encouraged me to seek alternative routes in psychology.

On a soul level, I knew I needed to leave teaching and fully engage in the profession of healing. In professing this idea, true synchronicity began to play out in my life.  I didn’t know where I was going, but allowed the universe to the take the lead.  I followed the signs in front of me and connected with a path that would ultimately align me with me with my soul’s purpose.

That summer of ’97 I traveled to various places to seek out a master degree in psychology and spirituality.  What grabbed my heart came out of nowhere.  While visiting a friend in Massachusetts, I learned that Antioch Graduate School offered an interesting program called Dance/Movement Therapy. After reading the course description, my whole self said “Yes”.

In the summer of 1998, I left teaching and moved to Western Massachusetts to attend Antioch Graduate School where I would spend the next three years getting my Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy.

Soon after arriving in Massachusetts, I was introduced to a shaman who saw my gifts and offered to be my teacher.  I worked with her for a year and half and learned more about who I was and how I could better work with people.  She led me through the feelings which accompanied my awakening and helped me to integrate parts of my soul that had been lost.

My life became a perfect weave of learning, healing and integrating my gifts.  Each avenue I sought brought me to greater levels of freedom and fulfillment.  My life continued to follow the path of synchronicity—teachers and healers always arrived when I needed them and each one took me to the next level.  My feelings of abandonment and not belonging were finally being healed and all my dreams of fulfilling my life’s purpose were within reach.

After graduating from Antioch, I became a full-time mental health counselor during the day and would see private clients in my intuitive practice in the evening. I kept these two parts of myself separate for years. However, over the last few years, I’ve worked at refining the bridge between psychology and spirituality. As a counselor I’ve been trained to identify and treat mental health issues and together with my intuitive gifts, the therapy I offer is unique, effective and trans-formative. The psychospiritual framework allows me to use my unique set of skills in a way that will guide and empower my clients onto a path of wholeness.

In deepening the journey of my life’s purpose, I have recently completed a certification in Intuitive/ Life Coaching through the International School of Coaching Studies.  The life coach training has deepened my practice so way that I am able to more fully help and guide my clients to move through the darkness of their past, to right the present and to achieve a rich and fulfilling destiny.  Through a combination of these approaches—traditional therapy, intuitive counseling and life coaching—we will work together to heal the timeless wounds and attend to the whole of being human.

In the 20 years of learning alternative healing methods from a spiritual and psychological practice and through my own personal experience, I have gleaned wisdom that will assist you in launching your soul to wholeness.  Together we will find the path to love and light that heals and you will learn to believe and trust in the goodness of your soul’s purpose.  This is the greatest gift we can build together.

My wish for you is to enter this process with courage, surrender and divine trust and to experience what I have learned in this lifetime—that every time guidance is needed, it appears.  All you have to do is ask, and open up to the vast possibilities.

May your journey be miraculous!

With Love and Light,

Lee Anne




Transformational Expert and Therapist