I use the divination of the Tarot for many of my clients as springboard into the various patterns and challenges within their lives. This gives me and the client a wealth of information to work with throughout our sessions. A reading will reveal the energy of the past, reflect aspects of a journey that are unfolding, and convey the potential energy and wisdom for the future. My readings touch the heart of the matter and are a method of transformation in which we pass from the known, over the edge of our perception and into the mystery of our greatest potential.

The TAROT is a powerful tool for confident decision making. It’s not about revealing a predetermined destiny (that’s for you to create). Tarot is anchored in symbols that create a story. Your story. By tuning into the cards intuitively, we can unravel multiple courses of action and actively create a plan for your ideal future. The cards show the past energy, the energies which are available in the present, and the potential energies of the future.

tarot spread

Do you have the courage to find clarity? Are you willing to shine a light on your mental fog so you can make emotionally intelligent decisions about your career, your family, your love life, or any other pivotal life challenges on your journey?

An overview of the session looks something like this:

  • Connect with the cards
  • Pull 21 cards
  • The first row is the past energy. If you believe in past lives, it will go back that far.
  • The second row is the present energy. What is available to you at this time, who is helping or hindering your process, are there energies blocking progress that need healing, what energies are working in your favor.
  • The third row is the future energy. What does your potential reveal at this time, who will come into your life to assist on the journey, what do you need to look for in your everyday life (signs), what energies do you need to meet to move forward and create the future you want.

I will read the cards first, by connecting in with your energy and the cards you have chosen. The layout will reveal a story, usually focusing on the reason you are asking for the reading. At this point, I will receive very little input from you. Once the story has been told, then it will be important for you to share how it fits in with your life.  A great deal of intuitive advice will come forth. It will be important for you to be open to the process by thinking about aspects in your life differently then you may have in the past.  Even though some of the information may not make sense in the present, it will as your days and weeks unfold.  At times, your guides or past loved ones may enter in to assist with information.  Each reading is unique and I am always amazed by the journey.


Transformational Expert and Therapist