My Version of Holistic Therapy

My approach to growth, wellness and recovery originates from a holistic perspective. This perspective promotes a wide range of modalities and experiential ways to work with those pieces in your life that are out of balance. As a Holistic Therapist, I address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as a whole.  Addressing all parts of the self, holistic therapy supports and empowers you to transform those areas of your life that are limiting progress. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, grief or loneliness, I will help you find your way by taking a journey that is uniquely your own. Allow me to join you on this path of rediscovery. Together, we will make a map that will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit – bringing you into a healthy relationship with yourself that will enable you to create a life that truly belongs to you. I look forward to joining you on the magnificent journey of discovery; finding your core, knowing your way of actualizing joy in life, and foraging new grounds that will bring the magic back into your life.  


Transformational Expert and Therapist