Dance/Movement Therapy

Our first language is movement…..

and our movement becomes a dance that we create throughout life.

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Movement opens neuro pathways to the brain influencing our development at every stage of life.

This connection between the body and mind is the basis to how dance movement therapy works.  The relationship between the body and mind acts as a bridge to the emotions which are sometimes impossible to verbalize in talk therapy.

Dance/movement therapy is an expressive psychotherapy that combines the theories of psychoanalysis and early child development to foster positive psychological and emotional growth for an individual. This therapeutic approach incorporates movement expression into everyday action to provide a place for self-exploration, self-awareness and overall well-being.

While your mind can twist the truth about a give situation, the language of the body shows the truth. It reveals the authentic aspects of who you are at your deepest level, your fears, your joys, your sorrows and your hopes.

Dance/Movement therapy is incorporated directly into all my sessions at varying degrees; most of the time a client may not realize we are utilizing this modality to develop a process more clearly.  Some clients prefer this, while others respond better to using metaphor with movement as way to express the underlying emotion and thought.

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