Holistic Perspective


With 15 years of experience, I bring to clients a creative and intuitive approach to heal and grow. I am a navigator of the body, mind and spirit; I understand the pathways and gateways through the inner plane that can be confusing and daunting. As a Shaman and Energy Healer, I act as a conduit to bridge the world of spirit. As a psychotherapist, I pinpoint the challenges and events in life and teach emotional, mental and spiritual skills for the client to discover their innate healing abilities.

I use the divination of the Tarot for many of my clients as springboard into the various patterns and challenges within their lives. This gives me and the client a wealth of information to work with throughout our sessions. A reading will reveal the energy of the past, reflect aspects of a journey that are unfolding, and convey the potential energy and wisdom for the future. My readings touch the heart of the matter and are a method of transformation in which we pass from the known, over the edge of our perception and into the mystery of our greatest potential.

My approach to growth, wellness and recovery helps people connect deeply with their experience, to heal their past wounds, to transform the present and to uncover their unique gifts to present to the world.

My office is located at 54 East Oakland in Doylestown, Pa.  I can be reached at 267-935-9084 or email me at leeanne@leeanneenglert.com.  The office is open most days with evening hours. I am also available on weekends.

Insurance is available for ongoing therapy appointments.  If I am unable to accept your insurance, out of network payment is always an option.

Psychotherapy and Intuitive Services